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About the Site
Our objectives with this site are:
  • to treat you as an intelligent person with either and interest in, or a knowledge of type
  • to provide an intelligent interface offering interesting and educational content about type, type designers and type foundries
  • to afford you the sophisticated tools to make informed type selections and purchase decisions
  • to allow ease of purchase, payment and servicing of your type needs, and
  • to create an environment, a forum where informed dialogue about type issues flows easily and comfortably for the benefit of all who visit the site.
While this is a commercial site where you can, and should, purchase type, we will have satisfied our goals if you visit regularly. We appreciate and encourage your comments to webmaster@fontfactory.com

About the interface

It annoys us that so many web sites treat the visitor as unintelligent by the provision of useless information via an ambiguous or dysfunctional interface. That 'IN YOUR FACE' strutting of their dominant objective ... BUY SOMETHING! And in a shopping cart no less ... a metaphor more crass is difficult to contemplate.

We believe the Font Factory site interface is intelligent, interesting and restful on the eye. It expects the visitor to continually learn about how the site will benefit type selections and ones education by returning again and again.

It pays to become a Font Factory Site Member and Login when you arrive. Benefits include the Bookmark function. If you like a font, simply bookmark it and continue to view others. When you are ready to leave the site, look again at the bookmark. All the fonts you have bookmarked can be accessed and are illustrated with their price in three currencies and available formats. If you want to purchase at this point, simply follow the purchase prompts. Don't want to purchase just yet? Don't worry the bookmark will be available to review upon your next visit to Font Factory!

About Font Factory

Font Factory™ is a Hexon™ Company. We design 'Corporate Type' for major corporations and sell digital typefaces to Industry, Education, Publishing, Graphics and Pre-Press organisations throughout the world. Font Factory also publish and distribute type for Designers. Located in Sydney, Australia. We have been selling and supporting type since 1988, some 4 years after the APPLE® Macintosh™ gave us accessable PostScript™ font software and 4 years before MICROSOFT® Windows™ gave us TrueType and their WYSIWYG interface. Font Factory represent all the major Type Foundries and most of the smaller foundries and designers also. Hexon, Hexon Communications, FontFactory, Font Factory and TypeSearch are trademarks, and Typeface Solutions is a salesmark of Font Factory Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.