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Ask Harry is for all who are interested in type. We want everyone to get involved, to ask questions, to research and learn, communicate with like minded people, to discuss and debate font related issues. It is not intended to be a resource just for hardcore typographers - although we welcome and value the input from our colleagues in the font and graphic design industry.

Harry C Pears is an internationally respected expert on typography and an accomplished font designer in his own right. Some of the things you can do here are:
  • ask any question you like - as long as it is font-related
  • have your new font reviewed
  • discuss the hot new typography subject of the moment
  • have a rant about typography issues
There are several ways you can get involved. You can send an email to askharry@fontfactory.com, or register on the site for the Font Forum and join in with our active discussion.

Font Factory Forum

Want to know where typography is heading in the future? Have a question about the new OpenType format? Intrigued about the history of Celtic typefaces? Frustrated you can't find the name of that groovy-looking font on the cover of that magazine? Ask Harry and we will try our best to solve your problem or answer your question.

Maybe you would just like to tell us your favourite font, share an interesting font-related story or even have a rant about the pros and cons of typefaces designed by a well known type designer? We will post your comments on our bulletin board.

Forums will be held on an irregular basis with the leading typeface designers of the world. For example, a type designer could be available for a 3 hour forum where you can ask questions, pose problems or just discuss fonts with one of today's most respected typeface designers.

Harry Pears Biography

Harry C Pears is a director of the Font Factory and is a well known expert on typography. He was born in Quirindi, Australia and while still a youngster in short pants the family moved from the wheat fields of North Western NSW to the city of Sydney. Harry started his career as a camera operator in the printing industry making colour separations by very convoluted photomechanical methods. This was the era when highlight masks were made so further masks could be created and then combined with the transparency so the four colour separations could be produced. He studied Art, Photomechanical Reproduction, Chemistry, Biology and Calligraphy and also trained as a surveyor during National Service.

During the late 1960s he joined an Australian Graphic Arts supply company as an equipment demonstrator just at the time that second generation phototypesetters were being introduced into Australia. Harry had always been interested in lettering and the new machines with their great potential but many problems gave him the opportunity to study the mechanics of letter forms. The second generation machines were quickly replaced by CRT typesetters only to be superseded in 1984 by RIP technology.

By this time Harry was obsessed with type and dedicated himself to typography. Shortly after RIP burst on the scene he started a type consultancy that also marketed the first PostScript fonts. During the successful growth of the business Harry kept jotting down ideas for new typefaces until late in 1998 he moved up the North Coast with his portfolio of drawings to spend more time developing some of his typeface ideas. Lindisfarne Nova Regular and Bold were his first complete fonts. This was followed by Lindisfarne Incised and Lindisfarne Runes. An Art Deco typeface called Abyss Dark was released in 2002.

Harry is the principal owner of Typeface Research Pty Ltd of Lake Cathie, Australia. His expertise is fonts and when he is not designing, consulting and lecturing about fonts he grows giant silver beet and tasty tomatoes.