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Date: 2 April 2015
Fonts fall into logical categories, e.g. Serif or Script etc. But within a category, there are many subtitles, so we have assigned each font a specific sub-category that best describes the unique elements of a font. Each of the primary categories below have further categories to explore.

Sans SerifSans SerifSans Serif [without Serif] Typefaces are clearly distinguished by their lack of Serifs. Stroke contrast tends towards the monotone although moderate contrasts a... [more]
SerifsSerifsA Serif typeface is characterised by a counterstroke at the end of each character's main stroke. Often, thick and thin strokes are used in the same character. T... [more]
Slab SerifSlab SerifSlab Serif Typefaces exhibit moderate to negligible contrasts in stroke weight and can sometimes appear to be almost completely monotone. Serifs are usually wei... [more]
Stressed Sans SerifStressed Sans SerifStressed Sans Serif Typefaces are a small but significant category of typefaces in which an impression of serifs is created by a tapering at the centre of strok... [more]
Decorative & DisplayDecorative & DisplayDecorative & Display Typefaces share one feature, they are designed to be used in limited situations, mostly in large sizes rather than for text, and suggest 'h... [more]
ScriptsScriptsScript Typefaces are formal or informal, upright or cursive, displaying strong contrasts in thick and thin or consistently light or heavy and letters that conne... [more]
MonospacedMonospacedMonospaced Typefaces may be Serif or Sans Serif. They are a small category of faces with very specific applications. Most letters in the character set are given... [more]
Gothic & BlackletterGothic & BlackletterGothic & Blackletter Typefaces include types of German Fraktura and Gothic, Textura and possibly others based on 'manuscript hands' pre-dating the invention of ... [more]
Ultra CondensedUltra CondensedUltra Condensed fonts are a very small but significant category of serif and sans serif typefaces that are best used in situations where readability is less imp... [more]
Images & SymbolsImages & SymbolsImages and Symbols Typefaces include designs that contain specialised character sets for Mathematical, Phonetic, and other specialised applications, plus fonts ... [more]
ApplicationsApplicationsVarious Applications that either create, convert or manage fonts in both MAC and Windows Operating Systems.
PublicationsPublicationsBooks and Catalogues on Type and Type Applications