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Date: 28 March 2015
AvailableMac/PC OpenTypeUSD $452.85
UnavailableMac/PC WebFontUnavailable
AvailablePC TrueTypeUSD $452.85
AvailableMac PostScriptUSD $452.85
UnavailablePC PostScriptUnavailable

Microsoft WGL contains the 22 core fonts from Georgia, Nina, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Verdana, Wingdings and Webdings font families.
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Font Name+ Price
Georgia Regular WGL Georgia Regular WGL USD $25.00 
Georgia Italic WGL Georgia Italic WGL USD $25.00 
Georgia Bold WGL Georgia Bold WGL USD $25.00 
Georgia Bold Italic WGL Georgia Bold Italic WGL USD $25.00 
Nina Regular WGL Nina Regular WGL USD $25.00 
Nina Italic WGL Nina Italic WGL USD $25.00 
Nina Bold WGL Nina Bold WGL USD $25.00 
Nina Bold Italic WGL Nina Bold Italic WGL USD $25.00 
Tahoma Regular WGL Tahoma Regular WGL USD $25.00 
Tahoma Bold WGL Tahoma Bold WGL USD $25.00 
Trebuchet Regular WGL Trebuchet Regular WGL USD $25.00 
Trebuchet Italic WGL Trebuchet Italic WGL USD $25.00 
Trebuchet Bold WGL Trebuchet Bold WGL USD $25.00 
Trebuchet Bold Italic WGL Trebuchet Bold Italic WGL USD $25.00 
Verdana Regular WGL Verdana Regular WGL USD $25.00 
Verdana Italic WGL Verdana Italic WGL USD $25.00 
Verdana Bold WGL Verdana Bold WGL USD $25.00 
Verdana Bold Italic WGL Verdana Bold Italic WGL USD $25.00 
Webdings Regular Webdings Regular USD $16.67 
Wingdings One Wingdings One USD $16.67 
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 22 items) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next 5 >>]