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LIBRARY - P22 Works 06
Date: 31 March 2015
UnavailableMac/PC OpenTypeUnavailable
UnavailableMac/PC WebFontUnavailable
AvailablePC TrueTypeUSD $1,275.08
AvailableMac PostScriptUSD $1,275.08
AvailablePC PostScriptUSD $1,275.08

The Works v6.2 is the entire P22 font collection featured in catalog#8 (plus a few additional) at one (relatively) low price. This collection comes on CD for Macintosh and Windows in both TrueType and PostScript Type1 formats. Also included are key chart booklets and supplementary materials in a nice compact case.
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Font Name+ Price
Eaglefeather Informal Regular Italic Eaglefeather Informal Regular Italic USD $29.00 
Eaglefeather Informal Bold Eaglefeather Informal Bold USD $29.00 
Eaglefeather Informal Bold Italic Eaglefeather Informal Bold Italic USD $29.00 
Escher P22 Extras™ Escher P22 Extras™ USD $24.98 
Escher P22 Hand™ Escher P22 Hand™ USD $24.98 
Escher P22 Regular™ Escher P22 Regular™ USD $24.98 
FLLW Eaglerock P22 Extras™ FLLW Eaglerock P22 Extras™ USD $24.98 
FLLW Exhibition P22 Bold™ FLLW Exhibition P22 Bold™ USD $24.98 
FLLW Exhibition P22 Extras™ FLLW Exhibition P22 Extras™ USD $24.98 
FLLW Exhibition P22 Light™ FLLW Exhibition P22 Light™ USD $24.98 
FLLW Exhibition P22 Regular™ FLLW Exhibition P22 Regular™ USD $24.98 
FLLW Terracotta P22 Alternates™ FLLW Terracotta P22 Alternates™ USD $24.98 
FLLW Terracotta P22 Extras™ FLLW Terracotta P22 Extras™ USD $24.98 
FLLW Terracotta P22 Regular™ FLLW Terracotta P22 Regular™ USD $24.98 
Folk Art P22 Block™ Folk Art P22 Block™ USD $24.98 
Folk Art P22 Cross™ Folk Art P22 Cross™ USD $24.98 
Folk Art P22 Extras™ Folk Art P22 Extras™ USD $24.98 
Folk Art P22 Square™ Folk Art P22 Square™ USD $24.98 
Folk Art P22 Stitch™ Folk Art P22 Stitch™ USD $24.98 
Fontasaurus P22 Regular™ Fontasaurus P22 Regular™ USD $24.98 
Displaying 61 to 80 (of 195 items) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  [Next 5 >>]