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Date: 29 March 2015
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The fonts from the TakeType Library have been selected from the many entries submitted to Linotype’s International Digital Type Design contests between 1994 and 1997. In addition to the winning types, the library also contains numerous additional designs.

The TakeType Library contains fonts for every need - the spectrum ranges from pure body types such as the Linotype Brewery by Gustav Andrejs Grinbergs to display and fun fonts and other graphic and abstract symbols. In many cases, the designs have been revised by specialists at Linotype in order to adapt them to the needs of professional type application.

Altogether, the TakeType No.2.1 Library contains 230 typefaces. The fonts in the TakeType Library are available in PostScript on an unlocked CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows.

A number of weights have been designed for multi-color use. This opens up a whole range of possible applications. Other types open up the exciting field of experimental typography.



Linotype Agogo™ Regular
Linotype Agogo™ Swash Two
Linotype Agogo™ Swash Four
Agrafie™ Alexie Regular
Linotype Animalia™ Regular
Linotype Atomatic™ Regular
Balder™ Regular
Beluga™ LT Regular
Boberia™ Light
Boberia™ Semi Bold
Linotype Brewery™ Light
Linotype Brewery™ Medium
Linotype Brewery™ Heavy
Linotype Cadavre Exquis™ Regular
Linotype Cethubala™ Regular
Linotype Clascon™ Bold
Linotype Compendio™ Italic
CoolWool™ Regular
CoolWool™ StoneWashed
Linotype Dot™ Regular
Linotype Down Town™ Regular
Linotype Dummy™ Black
Linotype Feltpen™ Regular
Linotype Finerliner™ Micro
Linotype Fluxus™ Regular
Linotype Fresh Ewka™ Hot
Linotype Funny Bones™ Two
Linotype Gneisenauette™ Light Alternate
Linotype Gneisenauette™ Regular Alternate
Linotype Gneisenauette™ Bold Alternate
Linotype Gneisenauette™ Black Alternate
Linotype Go Tekk™ Medium
Linotype Gotharda™ Regular
Grafilone™ Semi Bold
Linotype Graphena™ Regular
HaManga Irregular™ Italic
Linotype Humanistika™ Regular
Impacta™ Regular
Indus™ Bold
Linotype Irish Text™ Regular
Linotype Konflikt™ Regular
LuMarc™ Roman
Linotype Mailbox™ Light
Linotype Marcu San™ Regular
Mateo™ Bold
Linotype Mega™ Normal
Linotype Mega™ Out
Linotype Method™ Light
Linotype Method™ Bold
Linotype Method™ Antique
Linotype Method™ Boiled
Linotype MhaiThaipe™ Face + Balls
Linotype Mindline™ Inside
Linotype Mineru™ Bold
Linotype Minos™ Regular
Linotype Nordica™ Bold
Linotype Octane™ Regular
Linotype Octane™ Italic
Linotype Octane™ Bold
Linotype Octane™ Bold Italic
Linotype Party Time™ Regular
Linotype Pide Nashi™ One
Quasaria™ Regular
Quasaria™ Bold
Linotype Rana™ Regular
Linotype Rana™ Medium
Linotype Rana™ Bold
ReadMyHand™ Regular
Linotype Red Babe™ Regular
Linotype Renee Display™ Types
Linotype Rory™ Oblique
Linotype Rowena™ Regular
Linotype Rowena™ Bold
Linotype Rowena™ Black
Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat Regular
Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat One
Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat Three
Linotype Salamander™ Medium
Linotype Salamander™ Semi Bold
Linotype Salamander™ Double Medium
Linotype Schachtelhalm™ Regular
Schwennel™ Lila
Linotype Scrap™ Black
Linotype Seven™ Regular
Sinah™ Bold
Linotype Sjablony™ Regular
Linotype Sunburst™ East Regular
Linotype Sunburst™ West Regular
Linotype Supatropic™ Regular
Linotype Tapeside™ Light Oblique
Linotype Tapeside™ Regular Oblique
Linotype Tapeside™ Bold Oblique
Linotype Tiger™ Brave Two
Linotype Tiger™ In Wait Two
Linotype Truckz™ Regular
Linotype Vision™ Regular
Linotype Vision™ Back
Linotype Vision™ Extended
Linotype Zootype™ Alternate
Ale™ Ornaments Spirato
Ale™ Signs
Ale™ Signs Black
Linotype Ancient Chinese™ Regular
Linotype Dressage™ Regular
Linotype Freak Cabinet™ Regular
Linotype Harry Cars™ Regular
Linotype Modulo™
Pinxit™ Astro
Pinxit™ Private
Linotype Short Story™ Regular
Linotype Space Balls™ Regular
Linotype Tapestry™ Quadrat
Linotype Traffity™ Regular
Linotype Zigibacks™ Two Linotype Agogo™ Swash One
Linotype Agogo™ Swash Three
Agrafie™ Regular
Linotype Algologfont™ Regular
Linotype Araby Rafique™ Regular
Linotype Auferstehung™ Regular
Linotype Bariton™ Regular
Bigband™ Terrazzo
Boberia™ Light Italic
Linotype Boundaround™ Regular
Linotype Brewery™ Regular
Linotype Brewery™ Bold
Linotype Brewery™ Black
Linotype Cerny™ Regular
Linotype Clascon™ Regular
Linotype Compendio™ Regular
Contacta™ Regular
CoolWool™ CottonClub
Linotype Dharma™ Regular
Linotype Dot™ Oblique
Linotype Dummy™ Outline
Facsimile™ Regular
Linotype Feltpen™ Medium
Linotype Finerliner™ Macro
Linotype Fresh Ewka™ Dry
Linotype Funny Bones™ One
Linotype Gneisenauette™ Light
Linotype Gneisenauette™ Regular
Linotype Gneisenauette™ Bold
Linotype Gneisenauette™ Black
Linotype Go Tekk™ Thin
Linotype Go Tekk™ Black
Grafilone™ Light
Grafilone™ Bold
HaManga Irregular™ Upright
HoTom™ Regular
Linotype Humanistika™ Regular DFR
Indus™ Regular
Linotype Inky Script™ Regular
Linotype Killer™ Regular
Linotype Laika™ Regular
LuMarc™ Bold
Linotype Mailbox™ Heavy
Mateo™ Roman
Mateo™ Bold Outline
Linotype Mega™ In
Merlin™ Regular
Linotype Method™ Light Oblique
Linotype Method™ Bold Oblique
Linotype Method™ Eroded
Linotype MhaiThaipe™ Face
Linotype Mindline™ Outside
Linotype Mineru™ Regular
Linotype Mineru™ Outline
Linotype Nordica™ Regular
Linotype Not Painted™ Regular
Linotype Octane™ Regular Addition
Linotype Octane™ Italic Addition
Linotype Octane™ Bold Addition
Linotype Octane™ Bold Italic Addition
Linotype Party Time™ Drunk
Linotype Pide Nashi™ Two
Quasaria™ Oblique
Quasaria™ Bold Oblique
Linotype Rana™ Italic
Linotype Rana™ Medium Italic
Linotype Rana™ Bold Italic
ReadMyHand™ Bold
Linotype Reducta™ Regular
Linotype Renee Display™ Lines
Linotype Rowena™ Light
Linotype Rowena™ Medium
Linotype Rowena™ Heavy
Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat Text
Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat Mix
Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat Two
Linotype Salamander™ Regular
Linotype Salamander™ Demi
Linotype Salamander™ Double Regular
Linotype Sangue™ Regular
Schnitz™ Regular
Schwennel™ Negro
Linotype Scrap™ Bonus
Sinah™ Roman
Sinah™ Black
Linotype Sketch™ Regular
Linotype Sunburst™ East Heavy
Linotype Sunburst™ West Heavy
Linotype Tapeside™ Light
Linotype Tapeside™ Regular
Linotype Tapeside™ Bold
Linotype Tiger™ Brave One
Linotype Tiger™ In Wait One
Linotype Tiger™ Tame
Linotype Venezia™ Initiale
Linotype Vision™ Oblique
Linotype Vision™ Condensed
Linotype Zensur™ Regular
Ale™ Ornaments Rotato
Ale™ Transport
Ale™ Signs White
Ale™ Signs Cage
Linotype Caciocavallo™ Regular
Linotype Face Value™ Regular
HaManga Irregular™ Pictures
Linotype Heureka Glyphs™ Regular
Linotype Offix™ Regular
Pinxit™ Office
Linotype Shapeshifter™ Regular
Linotype Sindbad™ Regular
Linotype Tapestry™ Circle
Linotype Tapestry™ Triangle
Linotype Zigibacks™ One
There are no fonts to list in this collection.