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Date: 30 March 2015
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The Take Type No. 3.1 CD is the third in a series of TakeType collections which make up the TakeType Library. The fonts are again chosen from the broad range of entries from our International Type Design Contest. In addition to the winners of the Contest, we also chose the fonts we thought would round out this TakeType collection. The TakeType Library includes fonts for all applications, from text to display to fun fonts.

Two fonts of the Take Type No. 3.1 CD are winner typefaces from the Type Directors Club Typographie Competition 2001: Linotype Conrad™ (1. price text from the Type Design Contest) and Linotype Really™ (3. price text from the Type Design Contest).

The CD ROM contains 139 fonts. The CD is for Macintosh and Windows. Almost all fonts (except for the Pi and Headline fonts) contain the Euro symbol.



Linotype Alphabat™ Regular
Linotype Aroma™ Extra Light Italic
Linotype Aroma™ Light SC
Linotype Aroma™ Regular
Linotype Aroma™ Italic
Linotype Aroma™ Semibold SC
Linotype Aroma™ Bold
Linotype Aroma™ Bold Italic
Linotype Atlantis™ Regular Italic
Linotype Atlantis™ Medium Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Sans Regular
Linotype Authentic™ Sans Medium
Linotype Authentic™ Sans Bold
Linotype Authentic™ Sans Black
Linotype Authentic™ Serif Regular
Linotype Authentic™ Serif Medium
Linotype Authentic™ Serif Bold
Linotype Authentic™ Serif Black
Linotype Authentic™ Small Serif Regular
Linotype Authentic™ Small Serif Medium
Linotype Authentic™ Small Serif Bold
Linotype Authentic™ Small Serif Black
Linotype Authentic™ Stencil Regular
Linotype Authentic™ Stencil Heavy
Linotype Authentic™ Stencil Black
Linotype Barock™ Regular
Linotype Belle™ Bonus
Linotype Bix™ Plain
Linotype Charon™ Regular
Linotype Charon™ Semibold
Linotype Colibri™ Light
Conrad™ Light
Conrad™ Bold
Linotype Cutter™ Regular
Linotype Dropink™ Regular
Linotype Elisa™ Regular
Linotype Flamingo™ Regular
Linotype Grassy™ Bold
Linotype Henri™ Axis
Linotype Inagur™ Light
Linotype Inagur™ Regular
Linotype Inagur™ Medium
Linotype Inagur™ Bold
Linotype Kaliber™ Regular
Linotype Kaliber™ Bold
Linotype Lichtwerk™ Regular
Linotype Lichtwerk™ Bold
Linotype Mild™ Regular
Linotype Notec™ Regular
Linotype Ordinar™ Italic
Linotype Projekt™ Regular
Linotype Projekt™ Regular Italic
Linotype Projekt™ Bold Italic
Linotype Punkt™ Light
Linotype Punkt™ Bold
Linotype Really™ Medium Italic
Linotype Really™ Demi Bold Italic
Linotype Rezident™ Two
Linotype Rezident™ Four
Linotype Scott™ Mars
Linotype Sicula™ Regular
Linotype Silver™ Regular
Linotype Transis™ Regular
Linotype Wildfont™ Regular
Linotype Zurpreis™ Semi Bold
Linotype Afrika™ Two
Linotype Dinosaures™ Regular
Linotype Monday Devils™ Regular
Linotype Tagesstempel™ Normal
Linotype Tagesstempel™ Fett Linotype Aroma™ Extra Light
Linotype Aroma™ Light
Linotype Aroma™ Light Italic
Linotype Aroma™ Regular SC
Linotype Aroma™ Semibold
Linotype Aroma™ Semibold Italic
Linotype Aroma™ Bold SC
Linotype Atlantis™ Regular
Linotype Atlantis™ Medium
Linotype Atlantis™ Bold
Linotype Authentic™ Sans Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Sans Medium Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Sans Bold Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Sans Black Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Serif Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Serif Medium Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Serif Bold Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Serif Black Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Small Serif Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Small Serif Medium Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Small Serif Bold Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Small Serif Black Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Stencil Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Stencil Heavy Italic
Linotype Authentic™ Stencil Black Italic
Linotype Belle™ Plain
Linotype Besque™ Regular
Linotype Charon™ Light
Linotype Charon™ Medium
Linotype Charon™ Bold
Linotype Colibri™ Regular
Conrad™ Regular
Conrad™ Extra Bold
Linotype Cutter™ Schere
Linotype Element™ Regular
Linotype Elisa™ Bold
Linotype Grassy™ Regular
Linotype Grassy™ Fat
Linotype Henri™ Dimensions
Linotype Inagur™ Light Italic
Linotype Inagur™ Italic
Linotype Inagur™ Medium Italic
Linotype Inagur™ Bold Italic
Linotype Kaliber™ Italic
Linotype Kaliber™ Black
Linotype Lichtwerk™ Italic
Linotype Ego™ Regular
Linotype MMistel™ Regular
Linotype Ordinar™ Regular
Linotype Ordinar™ Double
Linotype Projekt™ Regular SC
Linotype Projekt™ Bold
Linotype Projekt™ Heavy
Linotype Punkt™ Regular
Linotype Really™ Medium
Linotype Really™ Demi Bold
Linotype Rezident™ One
Linotype Rezident™ Three
Linotype Sansara™ Regular
Linotype Scott™ Venus
Linotype Sicula™ Oblique
Linotype Startec™ Regular
Linotype Typo American™ Regular
Linotype Zurpreis™ Light
Linotype Afrika™ One
Linotype Afroculture™ Regular
Linotype Festtagsfont™ Regular
Linotype Tagesstempel™ Mager
Linotype Tagesstempel™ Dick
There are no fonts to list in this collection.