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Date: 27 March 2015
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The fourth release of the popular and successful TakeType Library is now available. The TakeType collections contain typefaces chosen from the entries to Linotype´s contests and display a number of different styles and moods.

Categorized into Text, Display, Fun and Symbol fonts, the TakeType Library contains fresh, new, experimental, freaky and above all contemporary fonts.

TakeType 4 offers 182 hip fonts which will allow users to let their creativity run wild.

The new Linotype TakeType No. 4 CD is available exclusively from Font Factory. The CD is for Macintosh and Windows.



Linotype Abstract™ Regular
Linotype Albatross™ Regular
Linotype Albawing™ Italic
Linotype Arab Stroke™ Regular
Linotype Aspect™ Intro
Linotype Automat™ Regular
Linotype BioPlasm™ Regular
Linotype BlackWhite™ Headline
Linotype BlackWhite™ Laser
Breeze™ Left
Linotype Buckingham Fraktur™ Regular
Linotype Buckingham Fraktur™ Regular Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Light
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Light Italic
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Regular
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Italic
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Medium
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Medium Italic
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Bold
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Bold Italic
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Heavy
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Heavy Italic
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Black
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Black Italic
Linotype Chineze™ Light
Linotype Chineze™ Bold
Linotype Cineplex™ Light
Linotype Cineplex™ Regular SC
Linotype Cineplex™ Bold
Linotype Constitution™ Regular
Escript™ Light
Escript™ Regular
Escript™ Medium
Escript™ Bold
Escript™ Narrow Bold
Escript™ Wide Bold
Linotype Franosch™ Medium
Linotype Gaius™ Regular
Linotype Gaius™ Regular Ligatures
Linotype Gaius™ Regular Swash Beginning
Linotype Gaius™ Bold
Linotype Gaius™ Bold Ligatures
Linotype Gaius™ Bold Swash Beginning
Linotype GlassFlag™ Regular
Linotype Invasion™ Rex
Linotype Isilda™ Roman
Jiffy™ Regular
Linotype Labyrinth™ Regular
Linotype Leggodt™ Two
Linotype Lindy™ Regular
Madame™ Letters
Madame™ Numericals
Linotype Mediterraneo™ Two
Linotype Orbit™ Light
Linotype Paint It™ Empty
Linotype Pegathlon™ Medium
Linotype Pegathlon™ Narrow Bold
Linotype Puritas™ Light
Linotype Puritas™ Medium
Linotype Puritas™ Bold
Railroad Gothic™ Regular
Linotype Richmond™ Fraktur Regular DFR
Linotype Richmond™ Zierschrift Regular
Linotype Richmond™ Zierschrift Alternate
Linotype Rough™ Light Italic
Linotype Rough™ Italic
Linotype Rough™ Medium Italic
Linotype Rough™ Bold Italic
Sinah™ Sans Regular
Sinah™ Sans Bold
Sinah™ Sans Black
Sinah™ Sans Condensed
Sinah™ Sans Condensed Bold
Sinah™ Sans Condensed Black
Linotype Spacera™ Regular
Linotype Submerge™ One Oblique
Linotype Submerge™ Two Oblique
Linotype Textur™ Gotisch DFR Alternate
Linotype Typentypo™ Regular
Linotype American Indian™ Regular
Linotype Circles™ Regular
Linotype CreativeArrows™ Two
Linotype CreativeArrows™ Four
Linotype Dala™ Pict
Linotype Hieroglyphes™ One
Linotype Improfil™ Black
Linotype Invasion™ Animals
Linotype Maenneken™ Outline
Linotype Smileface™ Regular
Linotype Tangomaniacs™ Night
Linotype Traco™ Regular Linotype Albafire™ Regular
Linotype Albawing™ Regular
Linotype Arab Stroke™ Light
Linotype Arab Stroke™ Heavy
Linotype Aspect™ Regular
Linotype Automat™ Alternate
Linotype BlackWhite™ Regular
Linotype BlackWhite™ Laser Outline
Linotype BlackWhite™ Outline
Breeze™ Right
Linotype Buckingham Fraktur™ Regular DFR
Linotype Carmen™ Regular
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Light Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Light Italic Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Regular Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Italic Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Medium Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Medium Italic Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Bold Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Bold Italic Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Heavy Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Heavy Italic Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Black Alternate
Linotype CaseStudyNo1™ Black Italic Alternate
Linotype Chineze™ Medium
Choc™ Roman
Linotype Cineplex™ Regular
Linotype Cineplex™ Italic
Linotype Cineplex™ Bold Italic
Linotype Dala™ Text
Escript™ Light Italic
Escript™ Italic
Escript™ Medium Italic
Escript™ Bold Italic
Escript™ Narrow Bold Outline
Linotype Franosch™ Light
Linotype Franosch™ Bold
Linotype Gaius™ Regular Straight
Linotype Gaius™ Regular End
Linotype Gaius™ Regular Swash End
Linotype Gaius™ Bold Straight
Linotype Gaius™ Bold End
Linotype Gaius™ Bold Swash End
Linotype Invasion™ Harold
Linotype Invasion™ Wilhelm
Linotype Isilda™ Roman Alternate
Linotype Kropki™ Roman
Linotype Leggodt™ One
Linotype Leggodt™ Three
Linotype Freytag™ Regular
Madame™ Accents
Linotype Mediterraneo™ One
Modified Gothic™ Regular
Linotype Paint It™ Black
Linotype Pegathlon™ Regular
Linotype Pegathlon™ Bold
Linotype Pine™ Regular
Linotype Puritas™ Light Italic
Linotype Puritas™ Medium Italic
Linotype Puritas™ Bold Italic
Linotype Richmond™ Fraktur Regular
Linotype Richmond™ Fraktur Alternate
Linotype Richmond™ Zierschrift Regular DFR
Linotype Rough™ Light
Linotype Rough™ Regular
Linotype Rough™ Medium
Linotype Rough™ Bold
Linotype Rough™ Outline
Sinah™ Sans Italic
Sinah™ Sans Bold Italic
Sinah™ Sans Black Italic
Sinah™ Sans Condensed Italic
Sinah™ Sans Condensed Bold Italic
Sinah™ Sans Condensed Black Italic
Linotype Submerge™ One Regular
Linotype Submerge™ Two Regular
Linotype Textur™ Gotisch DFR
Linotype Textur™ Lombardisch DFR
Linotype WaterFlag™ Regular
Linotype Astrolo™ Regular
Linotype CreativeArrows™ One
Linotype CreativeArrows™ Three
Linotype Creatures™ Regular
Linotype Dala™ Border
Linotype Hieroglyphes™ Two
Linotype Improfil™ Outline
Linotype Maenneken™ Regular
Linotype Puritas™ Ornaments
Linotype Squares™
Linotype Tangomaniacs™ Day
Linotype Triangles™ Regular
There are no fonts to list in this collection.