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Date: 2 April 2015
AvailableMac/PC OpenTypeUSD $239.40
UnavailableMac/PC WebFontUnavailable
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With the latest TakeType 5 CD, Linotype is again expanding its successful library of freaky, cool, experimental typefaces that express the modern Zeitgeist!

TakeType 5 offers you 204 new typefaces to give your imagination free rein to explore the possibilities of innovative typography. The unusual letterforms will inspire new solutions and experimental design. – Try it and give your creativity a boost with the TakeType 5 CD.

The CD is organized according to the popular TakeType concept with the typefaces divided into four categories: Text, Display, Fun and Symbol.

New: All typefaces on the TakeType 5 CD are available for Mac and PC in OpenType format and are licensed for 5 workstations.



Achispado™ Regular
F2F Al Retto™ Regular
Amherst™ Regular
Amherst™ Heavy
Amherst™ Gothic Split Regular Alternate
Anasdair™ Regular
Anasdair™ Bold
Anlinear™ Light
Anlinear™ Bold
Bandalero™ Regular
Berndal™ Regular
Berndal™ Bold
F2F BoneR™ Book
Bousni Carre™ Medium
Bousni Ronde™ Light
Bousni Ronde™ Bold
Burgstaedt Antiqua™ Italic
Cajoun™ Regular
Carlin Script™ Light Italic
Carlin Script™ Regular SC
Carlin Script™ Medium
Carlin Script™ Bold
Carlin Script™ Initials
F2F Czykago™ Semi Serif
F2F Entebbe™ Regular
F2F Frontpage Four™ Regular
Goodies™ B
Hawkhurst™ Regular
Hawkhurst™ Regular Small Caps
Hawkhurst™ Bold
Hexatype™ Bold
Hot Plate™ 1
Hot Plate™ 3
Hot Plate™ 5
Hot Plate™ 7
Hot Plate™ 9
Italienne™ Regular
Lomo™ Copy Midi
Lomo™ Copy Medium
Lomo™ Copy Zigg
Lomo™ Copy Sall
Lomo™ Copy Butt
Lomo™ Web Pixel 5
Lomo™ Web Pixel 7
Lomo™ Web Strip 4
Lomo™ Web Strip 6
Lomo™ Web Strip 9
Lomo™ Wall Pixel 50
Lomo™ Wall Dot 50
Lomo™ Wall Minus 50
Lomo™ Wall Outline 55
Lomo™ Wall Strip 0
Lomo™ Wall Strip 100
Lomo™ Wall Chart 50
Lomo™ Samples 2
Lomo™ Samples 4
F2F Madame Butterfly™ Regular
F2F MadZine™ Fear
F2F MadZine™ Script
F2F Mekkaso Tomanik™ Regular
F2F Monako Stoned™ Regular
Ned™ Regular
Neuseidler™ Regular Alternate
Neuseidler™ Bold Alternate
Neuseidler™ Heavy Alternate
F2F OCRAlexczyk™ Shake
F2F OCRBczyk™ Bold
Pargrid™ Regular
Piercing™ Regular
Piercing™ Code
Pistol Shot™ Normal
F2F Poison Flowers™ Regular
F2F Provinciali™ Regular
F2F Screen Scream™ Regular
Seebad™ Italic
Seebad™ Bold Italic
F2F Shpeetz™ Regular
Siseriff™ Light Italic
Siseriff™ Italic
Siseriff™ Semibold Italic
Siseriff™ Bold Italic
Stempel™ One
F2F Styletti™ Medium
F2F TechLand™ Regular
Teebrush Paint™ Regular Alternate
F2F Tyrell Corp™ Regular
Vere Dignum™ Regular
F2F Whale Tree™ Regular
Whitenights™ Regular Small Caps
Whitenights™ Italic
Whitenights™ Bold
Whitenights™ Bold Italic
Whitenights™ Titling
Whitenights™ Math
Astrotype™ P Regular
Astrotype™ N Dot
Astrotype™ P Dot Outline
Bix Bats™ Arrow
Bix Bats™ Shiny
Chineze Dragon™ 1
Chineze Dragon™ 3
F2F Simbolico™ Regular Airam™ Regular
F2F Allineato™ Regular
Amherst™ Bold
Amherst™ Gothic Split Regular
Amherst™ Gothic Split Italic
Anasdair™ Regular Alternate
Anasdair™ Bold Alternate
Anlinear™ Regular
Balega™ Regular
Berndal™ Regular Small Caps
Berndal™ Italic
Berndal™ Bold Italic
Bousni Carre™ Light
Bousni Carre™ Bold
Bousni Ronde™ Medium
Burgstaedt Antiqua™ Regular
F2F Burnout Chaos™ Regular
Carlin Script™ Light
Carlin Script™ Regular
Carlin Script™ Italic
Carlin Script™ Medium Italic
Carlin Script™ Bold Italic
F2F Czykago™ Light
F2F Czykago™ Trans
F2F El Dee Cons™ Regular
Goodies™ A
F2F Haakonsen™ Regular
Hawkhurst™ Regular Alternate
Hawkhurst™ Italic
Hawkhurst™ Bold Italic
F2F HogRoach™ Regular
Hot Plate™ 2
Hot Plate™ 4
Hot Plate™ 6
Hot Plate™ 8
Hot Plate™ 10
Jan™ Regular
Lomo™ Copy Regular
Lomo™ Copy Black
Lomo™ Copy Lite
Lomo™ Copy Mezzo
Lomo™ Web Pixel 4
Lomo™ Web Pixel 6
Lomo™ Web Pixel 9
Lomo™ Web Strip 5
Lomo™ Web Strip 7
Lomo™ Wall Pixel 0
Lomo™ Wall Pixel 100
Lomo™ Wall Grid 50
Lomo™ Wall Outline 50
Lomo™ Wall Outline 100
Lomo™ Wall Strip 50
Lomo™ Wall Riokan 50
Lomo™ Samples 1
Lomo™ Samples 3
F2F Lovegrid™ Caps
F2F MadZine™ Wip
F2F MadZine™ Dirt
F2F Mekanik Amente™ Regular
F2F Metamorfosi™ Regular
Morocco™ Regular
Neuseidler™ Regular
Neuseidler™ Bold
Neuseidler™ Heavy
F2F OCRAlexczyk™ Regular
F2F OCRBczyk™ Regular
Pargrid™ Cross
Pargrid™ Trash
Piercing™ Bold
Pistol Shot™ Light
F2F Pixmix™ Regular
F2F Prototipa Multipla™ Regular
Raclette™ Regular
Seebad™ Regular
Seebad™ Bold
F2F Shakkarakk™ Regular
Siseriff™ Light
Siseriff™ Regular
Siseriff™ Semibold
Siseriff™ Bold
Siseriff™ Black
Stempel™ Two
F2F Tagliatelle Sugo™ Regular
Teebrush Paint™ Regular
F2F Twins™ Regular
Vere Dignum™ Decorative
Vere Dignum™ Regular Alternate
Whitenights™ Regular
Whitenights™ Regular Ligatures
Whitenights™ Italic Ligatures
Whitenights™ Bold Ligatures
Whitenights™ Bold Italic Ligatures
Whitenights™ Titling Ligatures
F2F ZakkGlobe™ Regular
Astrotype™ P Dot
Astrotype™ P Outline
Astrotype™ N Dot Outline
Bix Bats™ Funny
Bix Bats™ Wired
Chineze Dragon™ 2
Hot Plate™ Bats
There are no fonts to list in this collection.