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COLLECTION - Type Essentials 2
Date: 1 April 2015
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AvailablePC PostScriptUSD $901.60

Linotype Essentials 2 CD for Mac and PC includes 164 specially selected fonts chosen for the beauty and style of their design. Their popularity makes them some of the most important typefaces of the Linotype Library. Among them are Linotype Ergo, Eurostile, ITC Franklin Gothic, Sabon, ITC Stone, Tekton and Linotype Zapfino. If the font collection Linotype Essentials 1 already builds the basic for your professional font library, the typefaces of Linotype Essentials 2 will provide the perfect extension. Together, these CDs will provide a comprehensive palette of high-quality fonts for a wide variety of applications.

Font List

Avenir™ 35 Light
Avenir™ 35 Light Oblique
Avenir™ 45 Book
Avenir™ 45 Book Oblique
Avenir™ 55 Roman
Avenir™ 55 Roman Oblique
Avenir™ 65 Medium
Avenir™ 65 Medium Oblique
Avenir™ 85 Heavy
Avenir™ 85 Heavy Oblique
Avenir™ 95 Black
Avenir™ 95 Black Oblique
Carolina™ Roman
Carolina™ Roman DFR
Duc de Berry™ Roman
Duc de Berry™ DFR
Linotype Ergo™ Regular
Linotype Ergo™ Italic
Linotype Ergo™ Medium
Linotype Ergo™ Medium Italic
Linotype Ergo™ Demi Bold
Linotype Ergo™ Demi Bold It...
Linotype Ergo™ Bold
Linotype Ergo™ Bold Italic
Linotype Ergo™ Sketch
Eurostile™ Roman
Eurostile™ Oblique
Eurostile™ Demi
Eurostile™ Demi Oblique
Eurostile™ Bold
Eurostile™ Bold Oblique
Eurostile™ Condensed
Eurostile™ Bold Condensed
Eurostile™ Extended #2
Eurostile™ Bold Extended #2
Linotype Finnegan™ Regular
Linotype Finnegan™ Regular SC
Linotype Finnegan™ Regular OsF
Linotype Finnegan™ Italic
Linotype Finnegan™ Italic SC
Linotype Finnegan™ Italic OsF
Linotype Finnegan™ Medium
Linotype Finnegan™ Medium SC
Linotype Finnegan™ Medium OsF
Linotype Finnegan™ Medium Italic
Linotype Finnegan™ Medium Italic SC
Linotype Finnegan™ Medium Italic OsF
Linotype Finnegan™ Bold
Linotype Finnegan™ Bold SC
Linotype Finnegan™ Bold OsF
Linotype Finnegan™ Bold Italic
Linotype Finnegan™ Bold Italic SC
Linotype Finnegan™ Bold Italic OsF
Linotype Finnegan™ Extra Bold
Linotype Finnegan™ Extra Bold OSF
Linotype Finnegan™ Extra Bold Italic
Linotype Finnegan™ Extra Bold Italic OsF
ITC Franklin Gothic® Book
ITC Franklin Gothic® Book Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Medium
ITC Franklin Gothic® Medium Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Demi
ITC Franklin Gothic® Demi Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Heavy
ITC Franklin Gothic® Heavy Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Book Condensed
ITC Franklin Gothic® Book Condensed Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Medium Condensed
ITC Franklin Gothic® Medium Condensed Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Demi Condensed
ITC Franklin Gothic® Demi Condensed Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Book Compressed
ITC Franklin Gothic® Book Compressed Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Demi Compressed
ITC Franklin Gothic® Demi Compressed Italic
ITC Franklin Gothic® Book Extra Compressed
ITC Franklin Gothic® Demi Extra Compressed
Herculanum™ Roman
Industria™ Solid
Industria™ Solid Alternate
Industria™ Inline
Industria™ Inline Alternate
Insignia™ Roman
Insignia™ Alternate
OCR A Regular
OCR A Alternate
OCR B Regular
OCR B Alternate
ITC Officina® Serif Book
ITC Officina® Serif Book Italic
ITC Officina® Serif Bold
ITC Officina® Serif Bold Italic
ITC Officina® Sans Book
ITC Officina® Sans Book Italic
ITC Officina® Sans Bold
ITC Officina® Sans Bold Italic
Omnia™ Roman
Sabon™ Roman
Sabon™ Roman SC
Sabon™ Roman OsF
Sabon™ Italic
Sabon™ Italic OsF
Sabon™ Bold
Sabon™ Bold OsF
Sabon™ Bold Italic
Sabon™ Bold Italic OsF
Shelley™ Script Allegro
Shelley™ Script Andante
Shelley™ Script Volante
ITC Stone® Serif Medium
ITC Stone® Serif Medium Italic
ITC Stone® Serif Semibold
ITC Stone® Serif Semibold Italic
ITC Stone® Serif Bold
ITC Stone® Serif Bold Italic
ITC Stone® Sans Medium
ITC Stone® Sans Medium Italic
ITC Stone® Sans Semibold
ITC Stone® Sans Semibold Italic
ITC Stone® Sans Bold
ITC Stone® Sans Bold Italic
ITC Stone® Informal Medium
ITC Stone® Informal Medium Italic
ITC Stone® Informal Semibold
ITC Stone® Informal Semibold Italic
ITC Stone® Informal Bold
ITC Stone® Informal Bold Italic
Syntax™ Roman
Syntax™ Italic
Syntax™ Bold
Syntax™ Black
Syntax™ Ultra Black
Tekton™ Regular
Tekton™ Regular Oblique
Tekton™ Bold
Tekton™ Bold Oblique
Linotype Tetria™ Light Tab
Linotype Tetria™ Light
Linotype Tetria™ Regular Tab
Linotype Tetria™ Regular
Linotype Tetria™ Bold Tab
Linotype Tetria™ Bold
Linotype Tetria™ Black Tab
Linotype Tetria™ Black
Wiesbaden Swing™ Regular
Wiesbaden Swing™ Bold
Zapfino™ One
Zapfino™ Two
Zapfino™ Three
Zapfino™ Four
Zapfino™ Ligatures
Deconumbers Pi™ #1 (Circle)
Deconumbers Pi™ #2 (Ocra)
Deconumbers Pi™ #3 (Serlio)
Deconumbers Pi™ #4 (Square)
Deconumbers Pi™ #5 (Triangle)
Linotype EuroFont™ A To F
Linotype EuroFont™ G To P
Linotype EuroFont™ R To S
Linotype EuroFont™ T To W
Linotype Facts of Life™ One
Linotype Facts of Life™ Two
Linotype Facts of Life™ Altenate
Linotype Festtagsfont™ Regular
Industrials™ One
Linobats™ Regular
Type Embellishments Pi One
Type Embellishments Pi Two
Type Embellishments Pi Three
Wiesbaden Swing™ Dingbats
Zapfino™ Ornaments
There are no fonts to list in this collection.