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Bitfonter FLab
Date: 31 March 2015
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AvailableMac PostScriptUSD $549.00
AvailablePC PostScriptUSD $549.00

BitFonter 3.0
Professional bitmap font editor for Mac & Windows.

Turn anything into fonts. Automatically convert scanned images or digital photos into bitmap fonts.

Extend your personal font library. With BitFonter, you can remix, ‘scratch’ and customize your fonts.

Be creative with Photofont®. Photofonts bring the beauty of full-color bitmap fonts with texture and transparency to both print and web pages.

Bitmap font conversion. Convert between any of the supported bitmap font formats.

Bitmap fonts for electronic devices. Create fonts in a variety of formats usable in printers and imaging devices, mobile electronic devices, phones and electronic displays.

Superb screen legibility. Create razor-sharp fonts that improve screen text legibility in small font sizes.

Multilingual Unicode fonts. Create Unicode-compatible bitmap fonts for any script, alphabet or language.

Easy-to-use user interface. BitFonter’s intuitive user interface is easy to understand for Photoshop, FontLab Studio and TypeTool users.

BitFonter is a professional bitmap font editor for Mac OS X and Windows. It allows creative professionals, web designers and manufacturers of electronic devices to create and modify bitmap fonts for print publications, web pages, animations, computer games and electronic devices, convert between bitmap font formats as well as from and to outline font formats, and apply special effects to your outline fonts when used together with TypeTool, FontLab Studio or AsiaFont Studio.
NEW! BitFonter 3.0

* BitFonter now available for Windows!
* Powerful conversion of bitmaps and bitmap fonts from and to Type 1, TrueType and OpenType fonts thorugh integration with FontLab Studio and TypeTool.
* Improved support for glyph outlines.
* Streamlined user interface.
* Simplified conversion of scanned lettering or digital photos into fonts.
* Faster and more precise image manipulation filters for blurring, softening, sharpening, embossing, adding noise etc.
* Improved import of various image formats (EPS, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF etc.)
* More creative power with new and improved tools.
* Easier, faster, more consistent spacing and kerning.
* Faster and more reliable file saving.
* Improved support for the innovative Photofont technology.
* Easier navigation through the glyph repertoire.


Opens: BitFonter 3 Document (.bfb), Photofont (.phf), OpenType SBIT (.ttf), BDF, Windows (.fon, .fnt), X11 (.pcf), PalmOS (.pdb), IBM AFP, HP PCL (.sfp), EPS, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc. Mac version also opens: Mac font suitcase, Mac TrueType, PDF, Photoshop (.psd).

Imports: AFM metrics, rasterized bitmaps in a outline font installed on the system or from a supported outline font editor***.

Saves: BitFonter 3 Document (.bfb), Photofont (.phf), OpenType SBIT (.ttf), BDF, Windows (.fon, .fnt), PalmOS (.pdb), IBM AFP, HP PCL (.sfp), etc. Mac version also saves: Mac font suitcase, Mac TrueType.

Exports: PNG, TIFF, AFM metrics, FontLab VFB, outline font or pixelfont to a supported outline font editor***.

*** Supported outline font editors include: FontLab Studio 5.0.3 or higher, TypeTool 3.0.0 or higher.

Drawing tools: Pencil, Eraser, Brush, Text tool, Line, Rectangle and Ellipse tool, Fill, Rotate, Marquee selection, freeform selection, magic wand selection. All tools can work in various color modes, from black/white through grayscale and 8-bit palette to 24-bit RGB color with alpha transparency.

Special tools: metrics editor, tools to extract characters from image.

Encoding: support for the Unicode basic multilingual plane, various codepages and encodings.

Windows: Project window, Font window (with the glyph preview and string preview panels), Glyph window, Preview window, Image window, Metrics window.

Panels: Info, Tool, Palette (includes optional transparency selector), Brushes, Tool options.

Transformation: Scale, Slant, Rotate, Bold (for black-white fonts only).

Filters and effects: Change color depth, Resize, Merge fonts, Sharpen, Soften, Gaussian blur, Smart blur, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Colorize/Texturize, Remove background, Median noise, Custom filter and more.

Undo levels: up to 100 levels (customizable)

360+ page user manual

Hardware requirements: Any Macintosh computer that will run Max OS X 10.3 or any Windows computer that will run Windows 2000. Needs about 10MB Hd space for installation.

Software requirements: Mac OS X 10.3+ (BitFonter will run on Intel-based Mac OS X, see details.) or Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

60 day money-back guarantee
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