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Date: 2 April 2015
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The URW Sign Collection CD contains 200 well-chosen fonts, particularly suitable for headlines, posters, and signs.

The fonts in this collection support all Western and Eastern European languages. They also include font-sensitive euro signs.

All font Formats on the CD: OpenType OTF, Windows PostScript, Windows/Mac OS X TTF, Mac PostScript, Mac TrueType

Package Contents:
Algerian Initials D, Algerian Basic D, Algerian Basic SC D, Alte Schwabacher D, Antique Olive T Light, Antique Olive T Regular, Antique Olive T Medium, Antique Olive T Bold, Antique Olive T Compact, Antique Olive T Regular Italic, Antique Olive T Compact Italic, Antique Olive T Regular Condensed, Antique Olive T Bold Condensed, Antique Olive SC T Regular, Antique Olive SC T Medium, Antique Olive DC D Regular, Antique Olive DC D Medium, Antique Olive Nord D Regular, Antique Olive Nord D Regular Italic, Antique Olive Nord Outline P Regular, Anzeigen Grotesk T, Arab Brushstroke D, Arnold Boecklin No2 D, Arnold Boecklin D, Arnold Boecklin Initials D, Baskerville Handcut T Regular, Baskerville Handcut T Bold, Baskerville Handcut T Regular Italic, Baskerville Handcut T Bold Italic, Binner D, Binner Outline P, Binner SC D, Blacklight D, Blippo Black D, Blippo Black Outline P, Blippo Stencil D, Blizzard D, Bodoni D Black, Bodoni D Black Italic, Bodoni Stencil D Bold, Boldface T Italic, Brody D, Candida Stencil D Medium, Cargo D, Caslon Graphique D, Caslon Graphique Compress D, Century Expanded T Regular, Century Expanded T Regular Italic, Chevalier Open SC D, Chevalier Open DC D, Chevalier Stripes SC D, Chevalier Initials D, Chevalier Stripes DC D, Chisel D, Chisel Initials D, Choc D, Choc Initials D, Clarendon No1 URW T Light, Clarendon No1 URW T Medium, Clarendon No1 URW T Bold, Clarendon No1 URW T Extra Bold, Clarendon No1 URW T Bold Expanded, Clarendon No1 URW Stencil D Extra Bold, Columna Solid D, Columna Solid SC D, Columna Only Shadow D, Davida D, Davida SC D, Davida Initials D, Egyptienne D Medium Condensed, Egyptienne D Bold Condensed, Egyptienne D Bold Extended, Englische Schreibschrift T Regular, Englische Schreibschrift T Demi Bold, Englische Schreibschrift T Bold, Engschrift DIN D, Fette Engschrift D, Engschrift Austria D, Enviro Antique D, Erbar Neo Mini D Extra Medium, Eurostile T Regular, Eurostile T Medium, Eurostile T Bold, Eurostile T Heavy, Eurostile T Black, Eurostile T Regular Extended, Eurostile T Black Extended, Eurostile SC T Regular, Eurostile SC T Bold, Eurostile DC D Regular, Eurostile DC D Bold, Eurostile Stencil D Black Extended, Ewie D, Fette Gotisch D, Fette Mittelschrift D, Flamenco D, Flamenco Inline D, Impressum T Light, Impressum T Light Italic, Impressum T Medium, Impressum SC T Light, Impressum SC T Medium, Impressum DC D Light, Impressum DC D Medium, Isonorm D, Latin Compress D, Latin Wide D, Leger D, Leger SC D, Mandarin D, Mandarin SC D, Mandarin Initials D, Mariage Antique D, Neo Contact D, Mauritius I, Microgramma D Medium Extended, Microgramma D Bold Extended, Microgramma Only Shadow D Bold Extended, Mittelschrift Din D, Mittelschrift Austria D, Neo Franklin D Light, Nicolas Cochin Antique D Black, Nimbus Mono Antique L Regular, Nimbus Roman Modern Compress D, Nimbus Sans T Light, Nimbus Sans T Light Italic, Nimbus Sans T Black, Nimbus Sans T Black Italic, Nimbus Sans T Black Condensed, Nimbus Sans T Light Extended, Nimbus Sans T Regular Extended, Nimbus Sans T Bold Extended, Nimbus Sans T Black Extended, Nimbus Sans D Ultra Light, Nimbus Sans D Light Condensed, Nimbus Sans D Light Condensed Italic, Nimbus Sans D Black Condensed Italic, Nimbus Sans D Diagonal, Nimbus Sans Diagonal Only Shadow D, Nimbus Stencil D, Nimbus Sans D Outline Black Extended, Nimbus Sans D Outline Bold, Nimbus Sans D Initials Bold, Nimbus Sans L Regular, Nimbus Sans L Regular Italic, Nimbus Sans L Bold, Nimbus Sans L Bold Italic, Nimbus Sans L Regular Condensed, Nimbus Sans L Regular Condensed Italic, Nimbus Sans L Bold Condensed, Nimbus Sans L Bold Condensed Italic, OCR A M, OCR B Letterpress M, Okay D, Old English D, Old English Only Shadow D, Pendry Script D, Phyllis D, Phyllis Initials D, Phyllis Only Shadow D, Playbill D, Quartz Bold D, Quartz Mono M, Saa Series A D, Saa Series B D, Saa Series C D, Saa Series D D, Saa Series E D, Saa Series EM D, Saa Series F D, Snv D Regular, Snv D Regular Condensed, Snv D Extra Condensed, Springfield Antique D, Stencil D, Stencil Compress D, Stop D, Stop SC D, Titus D Light, Traffic Type Luxembourg D, Traffic Type Sweden D, Traffic Type Spain D, Transport D Medium, Transport D Bold, Umbra URW D Normal, VAG Rundschrift D, VAG Rundschrift D Light, Weiss Rundgotisch Antique D, URW Wood Type Only Shadow D, Yardmaster D, Yardmaster Only Shadow O, Zirkus D, Zirkus Compress D, Zirkus SC D
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