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Decorate with Type Information
Date: 27 March 2015
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Decorate with Type is a book that provides easy access to groups of similar decorative typefaces from a large collection of over 1,290 fonts. The storehouse of this collection is the Typeface Specimens section, pages 15–236. There are 27 major divisions with each division further subdivided into numerous minor groups. The best three approaches to finding a suitable decorative type are as follows:

Index of Categories
A Stencil font is required, but the specific style is not defined~
Go to the Index of Categories–Stencil, where five samples of different Stencil groups are displayed, each with a specific page number. This number will place you in your nominated Stencil subgroup.

Index of Typefaces
A typeface is required that has texture similar to Escorial~
Go to the Index of Typefaces at the back of the book and search alphabetically. The listed page number will guide you to where there is a full showing of Escorial, in concert with other similar typefaces.

Specific Group
A face is required from a known period of design, such as Art Deco~
Go to the Contents page at the front of the book, where pages 18–36 are listed as the Art Deco section.

Of course, if you are an addicted typophile, you may just want to browse through the 222 pages of type.
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