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Historical Pens™ 3IP
Date: 1 April 2015
AvailableMac/PC OpenTypeUSD $199.00
UnavailableMac/PC WebFontUnavailable
UnavailablePC TrueTypeUnavailable
UnavailableMac PostScriptUnavailable
UnavailablePC PostScriptUnavailable

Texas Hero, Schooner Script, Houston Pen, Emily Austin, Lamar Pen, American Scribe, Old Man Eloquent Regular, Old Man Eloquent Bold, Douglass Pen are included in the Historical Pens 3IP Family Value Pack
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Font Name+ Price
American Scribe Regular American Scribe Regular USD $39.00 
Douglass Pen Regular Douglass Pen Regular USD $39.00 
Emily Austin Regular Emily Austin Regular USD $39.00 
Houston Pen Regular Houston Pen Regular USD $39.00 
Lamar Pen Regular Lamar Pen Regular USD $39.00 
Old Man Eloquent Regular Old Man Eloquent Regular USD $29.00 
Old Man Eloquent Bold Old Man Eloquent Bold USD $29.00 
Schooner Script Regular Schooner Script Regular USD $39.00 
Texas Hero Regular Texas Hero Regular USD $39.00 
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 items) Result Pages:  1