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LIBRARY - Serials Typefaces
Date: 30 March 2015
UnavailableMac/PC OpenTypeUnavailable
UnavailableMac/PC WebFontUnavailable
AvailablePC TrueTypeUSD $538.80
AvailableMac PostScriptUSD $538.80
AvailablePC PostScriptUSD $538.80

Serials SR Type Collection contains 400+ serif and 400+ sans serif fonts in more 60 families. The Serials Type Collection represents EXTREMELY good value and is licensed to a single user. It can be shipped on CD in addition to being available for email delivery. The Collection is many megabytes in size, so a broadband connection is strongly advised for this purchase.
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Font Name+ Price
Accolade Light Accolade Light USD $20.40 
Accolade Light Italic Accolade Light Italic USD $20.40 
Accolade Medium Accolade Medium USD $20.40 
Accolade Bold Accolade Bold USD $20.40 
Adelon Light Adelon Light USD $20.40 
Adelon Light Italic Adelon Light Italic USD $20.40 
Adelon Regular Adelon Regular USD $20.40 
Adelon Italic Adelon Italic USD $20.40 
Adelon Medium Adelon Medium USD $20.40 
Adelon Medium Italic Adelon Medium Italic USD $20.40 
Adelon Demi Bold Adelon Demi Bold USD $20.40 
Adelon Demi Bold Italic Adelon Demi Bold Italic USD $20.40 
Adelon Bold Adelon Bold USD $20.40 
Adelon Bold Italic Adelon Bold Italic USD $20.40 
Adelon Extra Bold Adelon Extra Bold USD $20.40 
Adelon Extra Bold Italic Adelon Extra Bold Italic USD $20.40 
Ballantines Light Ballantines Light USD $20.40 
Ballantines Regular Ballantines Regular USD $20.40 
Ballantines Medium Ballantines Medium USD $20.40 
Ballantines Demi Bold Ballantines Demi Bold USD $20.40 
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 820 items) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  [Next 5 >>]