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Date: 31 March 2015
Know the name of the Typeface Designer but not the Font Name or Foundry, start here! About Type Designers, Dave Farey, British Type designer says:

"There are two abilities required to become a typeface designer. The first is application, or stamina. It's slow, grinding work to solve the incidentals and foreign sorts for a type font. The other is talent. There are, perhaps, many talented designers who do not have the stamina, and many mediocre designers who turn out fonts with 256 characters in 144 different weights and versions ... and are still boring alphabets"

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Patrick AdamoveDave AdamsonRandall Addison
Michael Gene AdkinsMichael AdkinsLinotype-Hell AG
Otl AicherJosef AlbersSteven Albert
Mark AllenJosť Mendoza y AlmeidaBob Alonso
Koma AmokCharles AndersonBob Anderton
Vladimir AndrichCarlos AponteMartin Archer
Ronald ArnholmLudovico degli ArrighiGyori Attila
Georges AuriolRichard Austin