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Bauhaus Rounded Pro Medium
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Date: 3 March 2015
Designed Fonts: 9
Bauhaus Rounded Pro 1
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Category: Rounded Ends Sans Serif
Foundry: Font Factory
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Design Year: 2011

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Bauhaus Rounded is the Trademark of Font Factory Pty Ltd, © 2011

Bauhaus Rounded, a new rounded end sans serif

During the years 1923 – 1933 the Bauhaus design movement flourished in Germany. Bauhaus, meaning building house, was a school of design established by Walter Gropius. Initially the school’s main interest was in Architecture but fairly quickly type design and typography became a major part of the curriculum. Herbert Bayer became head of the school when it was relocated at Dessau and Bayer’s design concepts have come to epitomise the Bauhaus look in type; asymmetrical design, bold abstract shapes, the rounding of letter forms and an absence of decoration. Some of De Stijl’s Constructivist ideas were adopted but the school pushed towards the modernist rationale, merging art and technology. Sadly the political climate in Germany in the 1930s, amongst many alarming things, discouraged modernistic design and the school closed in 1933. But while not a lot of typefaces resulted from the movement its influence was significant in the design of modern type. In 1976, ITC commissioned Ed Benguiat and Vic Caruso to create a Bauhaus sans serif family based upon Herbert Bayer’s Universal typeface.

Rounded Grotesques
Very often the more mechanical grotesque sans serif typeface families include a few weights in which the terminals are rounded as if they were created using a Speedball pen. This gives a slightly more humanist look and has lead to a current popularity in magazines, posters and signage.

Bauhaus Rounded
The Australian Graphic and Type Designer Maurice Schlesinger has recently created a typeface, Bauhaus Rounded, in which he has given the Bauhaus look to a sans serif family with rounded ends. This merging of designs has produced an attractive sans serif that offers more interesting design than most rounded grotesque typefaces. While the Standard Bauhaus Rounded includes all the Bauhaus characteristics, such as the curved cap E, the rounded M and N, the circular Os and the subtle stencil gaps in many of the letters, a Nova version has allowed Maurice to include some of his more fanciful characters. Such as the lazy S, fully rounded C and G and some clever ligatures such as an SY for Sydney and an overlapping oa that looks great in Koala. There is also a Bauhaus Rounded Pro, which combines the Standard and the Nova versions. This means the standard character set, (which also has been extended for additional languages), plus all the alternative characters from the Nova version are available in the one font.

Font Factory
Schlesinger supplied Font Factory with the Illustrator files of all characters. The consolidation and finessing of this outline data into font files and the addition of kerning pairs was done by a Font Factory type designer.

Bauhaus Rounded is a new attractive rounded sans serif which offers an extra flamboyance in design and is to be released in four weights; Thin, Light, Medium and Bold.