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Humanist Sans Serif
Date: 30 March 2015
Humanist Sans Serif fonts are distinguished by capitals with Classical Roman proportions. The lower case display the influence of hand writing giving this group its humanist feel. There is slightly more contrast than other Sans Serifs and the 'g' often has a closed loop similar to most Serifs. They are part of a major category of typefaces in which all characters are devoid of counter strokes. These faces generally have little stem thickness variation. Sans Serifs are sometimes called Lineales.

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Font Name+ Price
Alinea Sans Regular Alinea Sans Regular USD $29.00 
Alinea Sans Italic Alinea Sans Italic USD $29.00 
Alinea Sans Medium Alinea Sans Medium USD $29.00 
Alinea Sans Medium Italic Alinea Sans Medium Italic USD $29.00 
Alinea Sans Bold Alinea Sans Bold USD $29.00 
Alinea Sans Bold Italic Alinea Sans Bold Italic USD $29.00 
Artane Elongated BT Regular Artane Elongated BT Regular USD $29.00 
Bebop Regular Bebop Regular USD $29.00 
Bebop Italic Bebop Italic USD $29.00 
Bebop Medium Bebop Medium USD $29.00 
Bebop Medium Italic Bebop Medium Italic USD $29.00 
Bebop Bold Bebop Bold USD $29.00 
Bebop Bold Italic Bebop Bold Italic USD $29.00 
Bosis Light Bosis Light USD $29.00 
Bosis Medium Bosis Medium USD $29.00 
Bosis Semi Bold Bosis Semi Bold USD $29.00 
Bosis Bold Bosis Bold USD $29.00 
Bosis Std Light Bosis Std Light USD $29.00 
Bosis Std Medium Bosis Std Medium USD $29.00 
Bosis Std Semi Bold Bosis Std Semi Bold USD $29.00 
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