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Date: 30 March 2015
Fonts in Foundry: 43
3IP Type Foundry (formerly The Type Quarry) is a division of Three Islands Press (3IP), a small digital publishing company in Rockport, Maine. They currently represent the work of three type designers who specialize in historical type, fine text type, authentic-looking handwriting fonts, and a few offbeat creations.

Brian Willson founded 3IP in 1989 to self-publish a book of pretentious nature essays. Soon after, he found himself tinkering with type design, and 3IP has since become known for its library of authentic-looking handwriting fonts—many of them modeled after historical penmanship—and antique text simulations.

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Font Name+ Price
American Scribe Regular American Scribe Regular USD $39.00 
Antiquarian Regular Antiquarian Regular USD $39.00 
Antiquarian Scribe Regular Antiquarian Scribe Regular USD $39.00 
Attic Antique Regular Attic Antique Regular USD $29.00 
Attic Antique Italic Attic Antique Italic USD $29.00 
Bonsai Regular Bonsai Regular USD $29.00 
Bonsai Italic Bonsai Italic USD $29.00 
Broadsheet Regular Broadsheet Regular USD $29.00 
Broadsheet Italic Broadsheet Italic USD $29.00 
Castine Regular Castine Regular USD $29.00 
Castine Italic Castine Italic USD $29.00 
Cedar Street Regular Cedar Street Regular USD $39.00 
Chromosome Light Chromosome Light USD $12.00 
Chromosome Reversed Light Chromosome Reversed Light USD $12.00 
Chromosome Heavy Chromosome Heavy USD $12.00 
Chromosome Reversed Heavy Chromosome Reversed Heavy USD $12.00 
Douglass Pen Regular Douglass Pen Regular USD $39.00 
Emily Austin Regular Emily Austin Regular USD $39.00 
Houston Pen Regular Houston Pen Regular USD $39.00 
Lamar Pen Regular Lamar Pen Regular USD $39.00 
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 43 items) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next 5 >>]