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Font Foundry Multi-User Licence
Date: 5 March 2015
Fonts in Foundry: 6605
Multi-User License
Multi-User License Agreements are arranged either for a predetermined number of users (larger than 5) or for an entire site. The cost is based on the number of users. Site licenses generally allow a font to be distributed to all employees at a single postal address. The Extended Multi-User License is a perfect way to implement a font throughout an entire department or mid-sized company.

Enterprise-Wide License
The Enterprise-Wide License grants everyone within a company intranet access to a particular font. This is convenient for large corporations, in particular, those with multiple offices or locations. Customers are issued a one-time fee and may distribute the font freely throughout their organization. Enterprise-Wide Licenses can save thousands while easing the implementation process and providing flexibility for growth.

Multi User Licensing beyond 25 users is calculated via a complex formula. Please email licensing@fontfactory.com providing your details, plus font name, font styles, cpu's or workstations to be licensed and the number of output devices [printers] used. Upon receipt, we will email you a firm quote.

For licensing less than 25 users, please use the multiplier at checkout.

Thank you!