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Date: 3 March 2015
Associated Fonts: 10808
Advertising requires great diversity in type but generally the selection is either dramatic for eye-catching titles or typographically excellent for display text. This means that the headings are serif, slab serif or sans serif, maybe sometimes decorative and even possibly distressed. The display text is nearly always serif with an increased x-height and because of the need for good typography, classic typefaces such as the small x-height Garamonds are very much favoured.

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Font Name+ Price
Aachen Medium Aachen Medium USD $29.00 
Aachen Bold Aachen Bold USD $29.00 
Aachen SB Medium Aachen SB Medium USD $26.00 
Aachen SB Bold Aachen SB Bold USD $26.00 
Aachen SH Medium Aachen SH Medium USD $26.00 
Aachen SH Bold Aachen SH Bold USD $26.00 
Aachen Std Medium Aachen Std Medium USD $29.00 
Aachen Std Bold Aachen Std Bold USD $29.00 
Abadi Extra Light Abadi Extra Light USD $29.00 
Abadi Light Abadi Light USD $29.00 
Abadi Light Italic Abadi Light Italic USD $29.00 
Abadi Extra Bold Abadi Extra Bold USD $29.00 
Abadi Extra Bold Italic Abadi Extra Bold Italic USD $29.00 
Abadi Light Condensed Abadi Light Condensed USD $29.00 
Abadi Condensed Abadi Condensed USD $29.00 
Abadi Bold Condensed Abadi Bold Condensed USD $29.00 
Abadi Extra Bold Condensed Abadi Extra Bold Condensed USD $29.00 
Abadi Pro Extra Light Abadi Pro Extra Light USD $35.00 
Abadi Pro Extra Light Italic Abadi Pro Extra Light Italic USD $35.00 
Abadi Pro Light Abadi Pro Light USD $35.00 
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 10319 items) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  [Next 5 >>]