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Ever seen an unusual or interesting font in a magazine and wanted it for your font collection, but you don't know what it is called, the foundry it came from, or the designer's name?

We can help!

Font Factory have various tools that can identify any typeface. We have a vast library of books and catalogues (going back to the old days!). We have specialist type ID software. We employ a host of typographers, experts in typography to ID that problem font for you!

This service free to Font Factory customers*. We call the service TypeSearch™.

Simply send by eMail a sample of the font requiring identification. Provide plenty of characters and numbers to look at, and we are confident we can identify the font 99% of the time. If we can't match the typeface exactly we can provide the names of 2-3 similar fonts for you to consider.

Send your font samples to: typesearch@fontfactory.com

eMail attachments must be no larger than 50k and be a '.pdf' or '.jpg' or '.gif' or '.png' file format.

We look forward to hearing from you.

* A customer is someone who has purchased at least 1 font from Font Factory in the past 12 months.